Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Artists of the Industry

    The majority of my recent time professionally has been dedicated to providing key content for a Northbrook startup by the name of Artists of the Industry. Below is a blog contribution to the movement:

April 20, 2017
    Open up your imagination to everything possible in the arena of state of the art multi-media production.  That is what you’ll find happening at Artists of the Industry.  The possibilities are endless, as it stirs and supports the creative process that is Aoti.  What a phenomenal place to collaborate with artists given my extensive experience in photography.  My name is Eric James Walsh and I’m so excited to bring my decade of experience of still photography and video production to this company.    Aoti entered my journey like an expanding tsunami of opportunity and collaboration.  
    Very soon after my first meeting did I realize this quiet North Shore suburb hosts a space that would soon transform in to a beehive of creative innovation. A tour of this remarkable facility starts with multiple top-tier editing suites, a state-of-the-art recording studio, and dozens of production tools to utilize. It boasts a central meeting space coupling modern design elements with vintage records and a genuine warm energy. Additionally, a performance stage room measuring 1,000 square feet and every aspect is fully customizable to the eye of the visionary.

    It was exceptionally clear to me from the starting point that my talents and I were trusted assets. Beyond the vetting process was a world of possibility that I took full creative advantage of! Within my first week I was producing interior still images, virtual tours, candid photos, stylized product shots, complex portrait sessions, and collaborating with our video production crew. 

    Immediately after each session my contributions were being swept up in the current of the Aoti evolution. I was literally seeing my work prominently displayed more every day which was often captured again by me in the background of another shot. The long hours and late nights payed off as they often do. My creative efforts here are an omnipresent and I couldn’t be happier. I personally specialize in commercial ad work I look forward to the the wealth of opportunities including: Short films, Podcasts, Charitable Work, Documentaries and more… My continued sense of being an integral part of Aofi has provided me with a license to create and the end result is magic.   

    Working here often reminds me of a book I’ve found to be particularly inspirational, Power vs Force. The literature covers a blend of ideas from particle physics to linear dynamics and their effects on human behavior. A common theme in the book discusses pure intentions and the outcome positive attitudes grant towards people. Genuinely inspiring others through strong leadership and trust is a perfect recipe for the progress here.  Given all of the opportunities that I’m able to explore, and having the drive to support the evolution of this production company, I’m ecstatic to be part of the inaugural creative team here at Aoti.  

Eric James Walsh