Monday, April 8, 2013

Sigur Ros shoot at U.I.C. Pavilion for I Paint My Mind

        My recent work for "I Paint My Mind" online arts magazine left me stunned at the audio and visual experience that is Sigur Ros LIVE. Both still images and a written review of the show were presented to and published by IPMM. I've been a huge fan of the Icelandic Orchestra for sometime and this experience truly was a pleasure to be apart of. Below are a few favorites from the show along with the review:

"Sigur Ros truly is a group in their own dimension. I say that because their ambient - electronic sound creates a feeling in your being that is difficult to describe without experiencing it. Reminiscent of the alluring ancient sirens, their auditory expressions draw you in to a blissful state of consciousness. Their recent live performance at U.I.C. pavilion in Chicago was a vibrant extension of their fluid creativity blended with the raw energy of a live rock show. 

A colossal arena setting at U.I.C. played host to the band's brief Chicago stop in their large scale world wide tour. The ambiance of the band was matched not only by their stellar light show but also by an epic sized transparent curtain separating the group from the audience. As the curtain dropped  the crowd was exposed to an orchestra of genius with angelic vocals, rhythmic guitars, melodic keyboards, and topped off with both a section of horns and strings. 

To the pleasure of the audience Sigur Ros produced live tracks of both the old and the new variety. Our anticipation for new music was met with tantalizing ear candy off their soon to be released album, Kveikur. The new album is the groups first self-produced record since their signing with KL Records. We can assure you one of Iceland's finest creative exports is well worth a listen if you haven't already connected."

                                                                                                     Eric James Walsh

Monday, April 1, 2013

Efterklang LIVE @ Lincoln Hall

My recent shoot documented this live performance of Efterklang @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago. This Danish indie rock group breaths a touching presence of energetic musical waves in to the crowd. Their blend of electronic and instrumental precision really connects the listener / viewer to the bands' ambient progressive indie rock style of music. Both the audio and still images were captured from their live performance at Lincoln Hall on 3/19/2013.